BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation

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BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation at Shop-Naughty.co.uk.

Is it all just about us females?

I know all you fellas out there are usually envious of the choices that women have in the sex toy world. And you’re right, women are spoilt for choice , and it’s always seemed that way. But I’ve slowly started to notice that men are seeming to have more variety in sex toys. No, I’m not talking about dildos, vibrators or strokers. I’m talking about the BKK Virtual Reality Masturbation. As a woman, I’ve been slightly jealous of you guys being able to use fleshlights, but this thing is just completely revolutionary! It’s also gorgeous to boot. A super sleek black masturbation cup with gold accents and an amazingly awesome looking VR helmet, which makes me even more envious considering that VR helmets are also taking the video game world by storm so bonus points if you’re also a guy who loves his games!

So how does it work?

Well all you have to do is slide your smartphone into the VR helmet and activate the mobile game. I think a lot of us would be lying slightly if we said we’d never fantasied about our dream person or that we’ve never played virtual games, whether it be a sexual one or a non-sexual one. It was all well and good fun but a lot of the time, it just never felt truly real. The BKK Virtual Reality Masturbation changes that. The mobile game lets you create your very own 3D dream girl! You can choose her body, skin tone, voice, hairstyle and her outfit. But here’s the best part. You can put her wherever you want and put her in any position you’ve ever fantasied about! The masturbation cup has a built in motion sensor to stimulate your movement so when you and your dream girl are..gettin jiggy with it, it’ll feel like you’re actually there and like you’re actually having sex with the girl of your dreams!

Still jealous?

I honestly think you guys have nothing to feel jealous about when it comes to women having all the options, when you now have this piece of stimulating kit to get your juices flowing, as it were. Go ahead and try it out for yourselves, get lost in some sexy virtual reality with your dream girl. I’ll admit, I’m the one who’s jealous now. Do you think a female version will be available soon?

You can can view the product here.

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