Celebrities And Their Sex Toys!

I’m probably not the only one who’s ever thought this before, but for a long time I’ve considered celebrities to be different from us. Some of them I can’t even imagine that they do the same things that we do, so I think the thought of a celebrity using a sex toy or two isContinue reading

Pornhub Twerking Butt Deluxe - Shop-Naughty.co.uk

Pornhub Twerking Butt Deluxe

Pornhub Twerking Butt Deluxe at Shop-Naughty.co.uk. Twerking butt?! I’m sure we’ve all heard of the new craze that’s everywhere we go, right? Twerking. For some men, they find nothing sexier than watching a woman with a cheeky glint in her eye, shake her large butt to some erotic music. Taking all this into account, it’sContinue reading

Flamingo Wearable Bluetooth Vibrator

Flamingo Wearable Bluetooth Vibrator at Shop-Naughty.co.uk. Another one? I can almost hear you groan. No, not like that. Well..not yet anyway. But bluetooth vibrators seem to just be everywhere, so much so that it’s perhaps starting to get a little old and boring. Before bluetooth vibrators, there were remote control knickers and remote control loveContinue reading

Bonnie Rotten Collection Now In Stock !!

Bonnie Rotten Collection. Now In Stock !! Bonnie Rotten Collection. Now In Stock At Shop-Naughty.co.uk. Just admit it, there’s a side of you that yearns to “Be Rotten” and get up close and personal with AVN’s Performer of the Year! With her gorgeous looks, seductive smile, inked body and bubbly personality, Bonnie Rotten may veryContinue reading

4 Facts You MUST Know Before You Buy Pheromones

Optimized pheromones are scientifically proven to attract the opposite sex without fail? Know thefacts, not the hype. There are literally thousands of brands and formulations of pheromones available on the market — each with varying degrees of effectiveness. Some are human pheromones, others are derived from animals, and still others are synthesized in a lab.Continue reading

Info On Our Fetish Bondage Gear

 Info On Our Fetish Bondage Gear Info On Our Fetish Bondage Gear We carry a premium collection of the finest bondage gear available. Our bondage gear is designed to help you create the perfect scene, whether you’re trying it for the first time or are very experienced. When you’re ready, we’re especially known for ourContinue reading

Sex Toys Guide Anal Sex Toys

Sex Toys Guide Anal Sex Toys Sex Toys Guide Anal Sex Toys From Shop-Naughty.co.uk . Anal Sex can be very pleasurable for both men and women. For some people simply the feeling of having something inside your anus filling the space and pressing against the anal walls is a great sensation. For others the feelingContinue reading

Sex Toys Guide Realistic Masturbators

Sex Toys Guide Realistic Masturbators Sex Toys Guide Realistic Masturbators.  There is a large variety of male masturbation sex toys on the market today. Shop Naughty offers over five hundred different masturbators to our customers. Masturbators are sex toys designed for a man to use to make masturbation more intense and pleasurable. Masturbators like theContinue reading

Sex Toys Guide Masturbators

Sex Toys Guide Masturbators Sex Toys Guide Masturbators From Shop-Naughty.co.uk. There is a very wide range of masturbators made to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse for a man whether he is interested in vaginal or anal sex, or even to simulate oral sex. They come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some lookContinue reading

Sex Toys Guide Cock Rings

Sex Toys Guide Cock Rings Sex Toys Guide Cock Rings From Shop-Naughty.co.uk. The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow out of the penis, which provides a certain pressure and heightened sensation for a man. It also allows for a longer lasting more solid erection. It is not recommended for use ifContinue reading

Sex Toy Guide Dildos and Dongs

 Sex Toy Guide Dildos and Dongs  Sex Toy Guide Dildos and Dongs From Shop-Naughty.co.uk. Dildos and Dongs are used for insertion, the pleasure a person feels with the pressure of inserting something into their vagina or anus. Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Basic variations of shapes of these sex toysContinue reading

Lelo Lily Luxurious Vibrator for Women

Lelo Lily Luxurious Vibrator for Women  Lelo Lily Luxurious Vibrator for Women At Shop-Naughty.co.uk. What is Lelo? It’s the brand that’s known for bringing women the most luxurious and discreet pleasure devices on the market. These products are designed for the woman who wants an uncompromised pleasure experience with an unrivaled quality and feel thatContinue reading

i-Vibe Rampant Rabbit

i-Vibe Rampant Rabbit i-Vibe Rampant Rabbit From Shop-Naughty.co.uk.  The i-Vibe Rhythm Rabbit, developed by Doc Johnson, is another addition to the highly popular Rabbit series of vibrators. Touted to please your every animal instinct, the i-Vibe is surrounded with illuminated colors and stimulating beads which wrap around a soft ribbed shaft. This futuristic vibe isContinue reading

Are Fleshlights The Ultimate Male Masturbator ?

Shop-Naughty.co.uk is asking are Fleshlights The Ultimate Male Masturbator  ?  The Fleshlight has come a long way since its introduction into the adult market. The initial offering of a non-descript insert available in only a handful of colors has exploded into an array of countless versions and options. There’s no doubt that the product has establishedContinue reading

Adults sex toys for couples

Adults sex toys for couples Adults sex toys for couples At Shop-Naughty.co.uk  Hello, I would like to address a topic which is sometimes overlooked as a genuine pleasure enhancer for men and women together. Adult toys for couples. As to be known, pleasure provided by sex toys is not for individual relaxation only. There areContinue reading

Vibrator Envy

Vibrator Envy  Vibrator Envy. I see guys come into the sex shop all the time to buy toys for their girlfriends. Expensive vibrators, strong vibrators, rechargeable vibrators, silicone vibrators, waterproof vibrators, awesome toys that I’m always kind of jealous of. I see it as one of the coolest gifts you can give a significant other.Continue reading

The difference between a Vibrator and a Dildo

The difference between a Vibrator and a Dildo The difference between a Vibrator and a Dildo – Shop-Naughty.co.uk. Vibrators and dildos serve the same general purpose: To bring sexual satisfaction to men and women with something other than penetration from a penis. However, there are some noticeable and functional differences between the two sex toys.Continue reading

Get Cheap Sex Toys That Are Of a Good Quality

Sex, which is still considered to be a social taboo, is associated with embarrassment. Therefore, when it comes to the purchase of sex toys, it becomes very difficult to purchase them in public. There are wide varieties of sex toys currently available in the market. These are available in different designs, styles and price ranges.Continue reading

Infomation on Dildos Vibrators Sextoys

Sex toys are fun. I hope that sex is an enjoyable pastime for you, whatever form it takes in your life, from solo play to enjoying it with someone else, or multiple someones. Gay sex, straight sex, bi sex, regardless of your proclivities, I hope that you find many hours of pleasurable stimulation of thoseContinue reading

Electric Stimulation Sexual Play Information

Electric Stimulation Sexual Play This page contains in-depth information on e-stimming. This area can serve as a reference point for you! Let’s Talk About Electricity.  Most of us know electricity as something that can knock you on your butt, if you fool around with it in an electrical outlet, a light switch or other electrical fixture. Continue reading

Let’s talk about sex. Experts Advise.

Let’s talk about sex. Experts Advise.

Let’s talk about sex: Threesomes, orgasms, porn, sexting and more – all your sex questions answered         With Valentine’s Day approaching, our sexperts have been answering your questions from orgasms to sexting and contraception to porn. Emily Dubberley. Robert Page created The Lovers’ Guide and Loversguide.com and Hella Walkington sex expert.   YourContinue reading