Electric Stimulation Sexual Play Information

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Electric Stimulation Sexual Play

This page contains in-depth information on e-stimming. This area can serve as a reference point for you!

Let’s Talk About Electricity.  whatthehelljusthappened.gif

Most of us know electricity as something that can knock you on your butt, if you fool around with it in an electrical outlet, a light switch or other electrical fixture.  Especially if you don’t hit the circuit breaker first!!  This type of electricity is referred to as 110 AC and has enough AMPS that it can and will hurt you badly if you get enough of it.  For safety reasons, if you want to practice electro-stimulation, never use anything on your body that you plug directly into an electrical outlet.

As mentioned in the Power Unit Section, most sexual electro-stimulation units run on a 9-volt battery.  The most basic type of power unit is a TENS unit.   A TENS unit is designed to amplify the current of the 9 volt battery, using technology within the unit to produce electrical flow to two or more electrodes.  The Amp’s are very, very low and will not hurt you.  Some TENS and other power units do have a/c adaptors and these are fine to use as they have been UL approved.

The user is always in complete control of the amount of power being sent from the unit to the electrodes.  However, turning the power level up quickly, can cause a quick and discomforting jolt!  When using any type of e-stim (electro-stimulation) device, ALWAYS begin by making sure it is OFF and all dials set to their lowest setting.  Failure to do so can, and will almost certainly cause a very uncomfortable jolt.  This is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, so be sure to think about SAFETY before turning on any power unit.

Let’s assume that you are using a pulse type device, say a TENS unit. The current must flow between two places (points) on the body. The two items that are placed on the body where current is exchanged are called electrodes.  Most TENS units have two lead wires (Channels) and a control dial for each set of leads.  It is advisable to use both leads of the TENS unit and four (4) electrodes.  The current passing between all of these electrodes is what causes the waves of erotic sexual feelings when applied to the genital areas.

Dry skin will have a fairly low resistance to current.  Most electrodes do not work well on dry skin.  The effect on dry skin will usually be rather sharp and painful. It’s best to wet the skin first. In a pinch, plain tap water is usually sufficient although electrode gel such as TacGel is often much better as it is specifically made to last longer and is very conductive to current.  Remember, the better the conductivity, the more deeply the current will usually be felt (which is generally much more pleasurable!!).

Another important thing to remember is that the current is generally spread out over the surface area of the electrode. Small electrodes tend to concentrate the current making the feeling much more intense. Larger ones   usually distrubute the current over more skin area.  If one of the electrodes is larger than the other, sometimes most or all of the sensation will be felt in the area where the smaller electrode is placed. Electrodes from one of the lead wires can be wired together (chained) to distribute the current and/or help balance out the laraer ones.  As an example, if a large steel ring or conductive electrical tubing is used around the base of a male’s genitals, two rings or tubes connected together on the shaft of the penis might form the other electrode(s). This configuration will most likely result in the current being felt at all three locations instead of concentrated in just the area of a single, smaller, electrode on the shaft.

The most important thing to remember is to NEVER create a path for the current anywhere near the heart


DOES IT HURT !!!  ManGettingShocked-2.jpg

This is probably the most asked and misunderstood question received. Once you begin a discussion with someone about Sexual Electro-Stimulation at first they may blush or just say nothing. However, they will tend to either be appalled or cover their real fears and misgivings on the subject by just laughing it off and making electro play out as a joke. Another statement heard frequently is, “I don’t want to get shocked or electrocuted, and that really hurts”!! Of course it can hurt if you want it to. You are completely in control of the settings and dials. On the other hand, it can also be one of the most erotic and pleasurable sexual experiences you have ever encountered. All of which again, is at your choosing, as you are in complete control.

I believe that a majority of people automatically get the preconceived notion that you are going to be “plugged in” to some sort of electrical outlet where live “hot wires” are going to be taped to their genitals or something to that effect. Charred smoking skin and bright red burn marks and terrible pain might even flow through those imaginations when mentioning sexual electro stimulation as a means of sex play. Some may even get this wild picture of being strapped into some sort of an electric chair or other such contraption. This of course, is NOT the case. Once the joking and horrific notions have been dispelled and the thought that hey, maybe this could actually be a pleasant, erotic and different kind of sexual play, a more serious, down to earth conversation about the subject can discussed.  After all, how many other ways could they experience a Hands Free Orgasm (HFO)!!

Electrical toys, once the principals of how they work are understood, and when used properly, are really nothing to be afraid of at all. In fact, because of our instinctive fear of electricity, electro play and knowing that a small amount of current is coming at the turn of a dial, tends to raise the sexual excitement in many folks. The fact that we have to face and overcome something that instinctively scares us, or that has been associated with sudden pain, can actually add that extra edge of excitability to erotic sexual electro play. So, erotic electro-stimulation toys – most of which are not actually painful – can be overwhelming to a person simply because of this fear of electricity.

It is really difficult to explain in words the erotic and pleasant sensations that electro-stimulation toys can provide. Contrary to most folks thinking, when used correctly and safely, this method of sexual stimulation is quite pleasurable. Electrodes used for Electro-sex toys could be described as vibrators but, instead of actually vibrating, give out an intense tingle, or a series of pulsating currents which are very pleasurable and often orgasmic. The electrodes, some of which can be inserted, are usually made of stainless steel; feel like warm bulbs inside you. The power unit can even be set to electronically pulsate that can lead to explosive orgasms (HFO’s).

For those who might want a totally different experience, they may take the next step, and think about trying anal toys of the electrical variety. Once inserted and the exact adjustments to the power unit are made, the sensation of your muscles contracting and releasing around a warm, pulsing plug can feel like you are actually having sex. And for those women who like a little more control over their partner, the cock and ball attachments, if placed in the right spots and set to pulsate, are particularly effective at milking men. But it’s not just the cock and ball rings that are capable of stimulating male genitalia; an anal plug for instance, passes  current through the prostate gland (the male G-spot) , and this stimulation can cause the male orgasm to be greatly intensified and also can increase the volume of semen ejaculated.

Ok, I hope that the above explanations will ease your mind about the big question “WILL IT HURT!!” If you are ready to get more information and take the next step to see what sexual electro-stimulation is really all about, please go to the tab on the left side of the page and click on the tab marked, how it Works. The information contained there will give you a very good, in depth idea of exactly what happens in the process.

How Does This Erotic Electro-Stimulation Thing Work?


HUH.gif   I DUNNO??


The human body is a very complex, unique and sensual piece of equipment.  Our senses are very keen to stimulation whether it is in the form of heat, cold, light, taste or touch.  Sexual electro-stimulation is actually the application of a small amount of electrical current between two points on the body by using various types of electrodes to allow current to flow between them. These electrodes are placed (BELOW THE WAIST) in or on the genital areas of the body.  The most common method for producing these small electrical currents is usually by using a TENS or other made-for-play power unit.  When fine-tuned by the user, these devices cause the nerves and muscles in and around the genitals to: slightly heat up, vibrate, pulsate, buzz or tingle depending on the individual’s preference setting.  These erotic sensations usually cause immediate erections in a male and extremely pleasurable sensation to a female.


These sensations when set up properly (“tuned in”) to an individual’s personal choice, can produce orgasms that are very powerful and are by far; much different than anything you have ever felt before.  Women usually have multiple orgasms vs. a single large orgasm for men.

The effects and feelings produced by these units vary depending on the made-for-play power unit a person is using.  Generally speaking, an individual new to this type of play, can use a simple TENS unit that usually has two pairs of lead wires connected to it and accommodates four (4) electrodes.  Most units have separate lead wire power settings, a couple of dials for setting fine-tuning wave length and pulse width, while others may have a couple of other mode choices

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