Are Fleshlights The Ultimate Male Masturbator ?

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  • is asking are Fleshlights The Ultimate Male Masturbator  ?  The Fleshlight has come a long way since its introduction into the adult market. The initial offering of a non-descript insert available in only a handful of colors has exploded into an array of countless versions and options. There’s no doubt that the product has established a following in the adult toy market. For those that are not familiar with the Fleshlight , it’s a male masturbator that resembles a flashlight with the exception of its soft and dense realistic Superskin insert (hence the name Fleshlight ). The toy itself was originally marketed as being discreet in its appearance (i.e. one would likely not guess its purpose if found). However, it seems that they’ve ditched that effort since it’s now available in beautifully explicit porn star molded genitalia. For this article, I had my husband try out a number of Fleshlight products to see if they really live up to their hype and popularity.

Here’s a list of the Fleshlight that we tested in this review. Aside from the molded genitalia, the interior consists of three standard types of textures–the Lotus, the Forbidden and the Swallow. The Lotus texture is designed to realistically replicate vaginal intercourse while the Forbidden texture is aimed at replicating anal intercourse. And the Swallow texture has been appropriately designed to replicate oral sex. We picked one of each type of Fleshlight for our review. There are a handful of other textures available but these are the most ones available and should provide you with a reasonable impression of how the product performs.


The Fleshlight we reviewed:

Let’s get started!

The Lotus Texture (Teagan Presley vagina):

The Lotus texture is the Fleshlight staple texture aimed at recreating the experience of vaginal intercourse. They have a number of other textures that are available through special order or included with specific molds but for the most part, if you’re purchasing a vagina mold, you’ll likely end up with the Lotus texture. This texture is described as having a smooth and ultra-tight entry which blossoms into a slightly wider canal for comfort and realism.

Like any sex toy, you’ll never achieve 100% realism. There’s something about a real life partner that simply cannot be replicated. With that said, this Fleshlight performed as described and came as close to the real thing as one would deem possible. While it’s definitely not a replacement for actual vaginal intercourse; there was something very like-life about the whole experience if you were willing to let your imagination take you there. The realistic molded vaginal opening was definitely a plus which added to the realism and the Lotus canal and adding to the imagination. When it comes to a personal male masturbator, the Fleshlight has done an exceptional job in replicating the female vagina with this mold. We highly recommend the Lotus model to anyone considering a Fleshlight (see image below).

The Forbidden Texture (Jenna Haze anus):
My husband adores Jenna Haze and getting to try out this product was something that he was looking forward to. Thankfully, I’m not the jealous type and gave him some time alone with his new toy. The Forbidden texture is designed to replicate anal intercourse with realism. Knowing how eager he was the try the product, I asked him to try and keep his opinions unbiased. To say the least, I was a bit surprised when the results came in.

Initial entry into the Forbidden Fleshlight was described as being as close to real anal sex as any male toy has ever come. The entry was tight and required a little pressure to penetrate. The tighter inner canal had a texture and shape that felt great both slow and fast and led to an early orgasm just as real anal intercourse does for most men. However, there were a couple of problems with the Forbidden insert that had my husband wishing he was back with the Lotus. Entry into the toy was realistic but after penetration the toy remained tight and did not ease around the opening as would occur in real anal intercourse. The toy is intended to be tight and will not fit every man comfortably. If you’re on the larger side, this toy is probably not for you. And finally, a considerable amount of lube is required to get the intended experience.

Overall, the toy performed quite well. You definitely need to be within the average size range to make use of this. If this is going to be your sole Fleshlight , you might want to choose the Lotus texture instead. If you’re adding to your collection, this is a definite must to change things up every so often. See image below for the Forbidden texture.

The Swallow Texture (Tori Black mouth):
The final item in our review was the Tori Black mouth or the Swallow texture Fleshlight . Designed to provide a realistic oral sex experience, the Swallow texture features a moderately tight opening which leads to a super-ribbed texture by a narrow and tight canal that mimics the back of the throat. You’ll want to use a considerable amount of lube with this item to get an oral sex experience.

After giving this Fleshlight a try as recommended above, my husband found himself with mixed reviews. The texture was definitely great and at times did feel like real oral sex. However, he found that he really had to put himself there mentally. The lips on the entry do not look life-like and in his words he stated that “those could be anyone’s lips” meaning that it did not provide any fantasy of actually experiencing the molded porn star. The Swallow texture (see image below) was not bad at all but lacked realism on the porn star mold and will likely not accomodate men above the average size.

The Fleshlight might resemble a flashlight on the outside but it’s definitely larger than any standard Fleshlight that I’ve owned. That isn’t a bad thing though since the size allows it to house a dense Superskin insert while at the same time providing a life-like feel. With that in mind, the toy is still small enough to easily and discreetly stowed away in a drawer and it’s non-descript exterior won’t make it stand out either.

As with any Superskin/Cyberskin based product, cleaning and maintenance can be a bit of a chore. Thankfully the Fleshlight is designed to come apart easily allowing you to quickly remove the insert. We found that the easiest method of cleaning it was to fill up the sink with a little bit of hot water and Superskin compatible toy cleaner. Gently rub the exterior and interior of the insert allowing water to flow through it and let sit for a couple of minutes. Then thoroughly rinse with warm water and pat dry with a lint-free towel and sit it out to dry. The plastic container was a breeze to wash and simply required warm water and soap. Drying the toy took a bit of time and it’s recommended that you allow it to fully dry before putting it back together and storing it away. We highly recommend using some Fleshlight or baby powder to keep the skin feeling life-like. The skin will become sticky in as little as one wash without the powder at the end.

As with any toy made from a porous surface, it’s recommended that you do not share this toy with a partner to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The Superskin insert that composes the Fleshlight is housed in a strong plastic container. The plastic is quite thick and does not bend or warp. The insert, however, is made entirely from Superskin which as some of you may know will hold up well but must be taken care of. Superskin won’t tear or wear out easily but if you abuse it (i.e. stretch it too much) or simply avoid the proper maintenance, it will start to deteriorate. Anyone purchasing a Superskin/Cyberskin product should be aware that it’s not for life. If you take care of it, it’ll provide you with years and years of pleasure. One of the benefits of the Fleshlight is the interchangeable insert. Should you ever wear yours out or want a different texture, you can simply purchase it separately.

The product is made in the US and entirely from Phthalate free materials.

Final Thoughts:
The Fleshlight is a fun and arousing masturbator for men that works well and feels very realistic. We recommend the vaginal model over the anus or mouth versions but if you’re picking up a second insert to add to your collection, then you can’t go wrong with any of these. We preferred the anus insert over the mouth but this may depend on your size. If you’re on the larger size, stick with the vaginal or mouth Fleshlight ; if you’re within the average range, you’ll enjoy any of these. Make sure you pick up some lube that’s compatible with Superskin and some powder for maintenance to keep your toy in top shape and enjoyable for years to come.

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