How To Use A Penis Pump And Tips With Video

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How To Use A Penis Pump And Tips

Penis Pumps Beginner Tips

Penis enlargement pumps are used by most individuals to add to the length and girth of their penises. Such pumps are designed to create a vacuum in a plastic or glass cylindrical container in which the penis is placed. When the air pressure is decreased in the container, the penis swells consequently. Subject to this outside force, cells in the penis will multiply in response, successfully increasing in size. Through this, in encouraging the penis to remain in this state for extended intervals, the penis can achieve permanent gains in size.

Selecting a Penis Pump

In selecting a penis enlargement pump, ensure that you go for the kind that is packaged with a cylinder that is moderate in size, not too small or too big. If the cylinder is too large, the scrotum can be all squished in while pumping, and if it is undersized it won’t produce any enlargement of the penis, hence preventing gains in girth. None of these is ideal.

In addition, pick a product that’s packaged with a pressure gauge along with a pressure relieve valve in order for you to have stronger control on the force put on your penis. The presence of a pressure gauge lets you gauge the force so that you will not exceed the “safe” pressure level, whereas the pressure relieve valve lets you easily lessen the pressure of the pump with one flick of a finger. This type of package is necessary for you to curtail the potential problems that are tied in with your use of the penis pump.

After taking your new pump home (or picking it up in the mail), make certain that you rinse the cylinder entirely with hot water and some either dishwashing liquid or liquid hand soap.

Before and During Each Pumping Session

Before engaging in pumping, you must cut the hair from the particular region of your skin which will come into contact with the pump cylinder, so as to create a good seal. Also, unless you’ve been carrying out some other penis exercises (like jelqing) just before pumping the penis, you are advised to do a warm-up routine to stimulate blood flow in the penis to reduce the risk of damage while pumping soon after. An uncomplicated warm-up activity can be performed by immersing a towel in hot but not scalding water, squeezing out the excess, and putting it around the penis up to two minutes, and then repeating the steps for approximately three more times. When you are conducting the hot towel process, give the cylinder a quick rinse with hot water too.

When done with the warm-up, stroke the penis to achieve semi-erection or full-erection. Rub some vaseline to the point of contact with the pump cylinder for a snug seal. After that, fit the cylinder over your penis and progressively add pressure to it until you feel somewhat uncomfortable, although not enough to be painful. Do not raise the pressure on the penis pump to a painful level because this will put you at risk of irreversible penis damage.

Keep on pressurizing the pump for 10 minutes, throughout which you’re free to do whatever you want that does not require heavy movements, e.g. watching television or surfing the net. After the 10 minutes, decrease the pressure of the cylinder, separate it from the penis, and then caress the penis for a minimum of 3 minutes to return blood circulation to normal. Later, you can wear the pump for an extra 10 minutes, then remove it and gently rub the penis for 3 minutes, and redo until the penis turns flaccid (i.e. soft).

After a Pumping Session

After each pumping session, do the hot towel wrap again as taught earlier to stimulate penis circulation again.

After every penis pump use, you should ensure that you rinse the cylinder with hot water plus a small quantity of liquid dish detergent or hand soap.

Risks Associated With Penis Pump Use

The penis enlargement pump is a very dangerous apparatus that has the potential to generate great penis injury despite every one of the safety measures listed earlier. An excess amount of pressure in the apparatus can very well trigger the bruising or clotting (also called “thrombosis”) of a lymph vessel or a vein, as well as other kinds of (worse) damage that are likely permanent. By going for only penis pumps that are supplemented with a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve, accomplishing the warm-ups before each pumping session, taking care not to over-pressurize when pumping, and taking periodic breaks while pumping, you may be able to reduce the risk of physical injury. Thus remember all precautions and make sure that you are very careful.

During penis pump use, if you perceive pain at any moment, promptly remove the pressure and take off the pump, and do not use the pump for a minimum of a couple of days before resuming the pumping sessions. If the sensation of pain persists, it’s imperative for you to see your doctor right away and explain the scenario candidly so that he/she can recommend the appropriate medical care.

If you see a donut-shaped ring or abrasions on your skin, keep from using the penis pump until they have been healed completely. In like manner, if you do develop thrombosis or clotting, put off using the penis pump for one or two weeks until the clotting has entirely healed. Take care not to attempt to apply pressure on the clot, since doing so can stop it from healing.

You’re additionally warned to take at least a couple of days’ break for a maximum of every five days of penis pump use. Your penis needs a period of healing before lasting success may be seen. If you skip these breaks, you will be adding to the potential of penis damage, plus ultimately delay the improvements that may be obtained.

Better Penis Pump Alternatives

Though a good number of men can attest to the success of penis pumping, there are less dangerous penis enlargement systems that have been proven to be just as effective, if not even more so. You are encouraged to delve into other methods of increasing your penis size. Some exercises such as penis jelqs, along with the use of a top quality extender, can yield incredible results.

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