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Some of you might remember me promoting a platform called Kiiroo way back in February. Well now that Kiiroo is close to launching their products and platform I thought we’d take another look at Kiiroo  and what it might be able to offer.

KIIROO Fleshlight Inside

What is Kiiroo?

Put simply Kiiroo is a technology company that first founded in April 2013 with aspirations to bring people together in new ways. Their main way of achieving this is through Cyberdildonics (or Teledildonics as Kiiroo term it)—devices that communicate with each other via Bluetooth in order to create an intimate sexual experience.

There are three main elements to this:

The Platform

The Kiiroo platform is the bridge between all of Kiiroo’s products. It’s an online video chat programme designed by an award-winning company with security and compatibility in mind.

Through this platform users can synchronize their devices and enjoy a variety of features. This includes intuitive button actions, the capability to have different chat formats (be it 1-to-1 conversation or 1-to-many), and a unique design which is made to look like glass.

The glass appearance of the chat is meant to enhance social intimacy by minimizing the perceived barriers between its users and, I have to admit, it looks pretty stunning from the demo photos.

comp to comp

The Onyx

Originally the ‘SVir’, the Onyx is a teledildonic masturbator intended for those with a penis. Inside the Onyx there are ten rings which contract in sequence in response to motions relayed through either another Onyx or the Pearl (more on Pearl later).

Kiiroo and Fleshlight have teamed up on this one, and the Onyx contains a patented Fleshlight sleeve inside. Fleshlight currently produce the world’s #1 male masturbators so it’s clear that Kiiroo is hoping to provide the best quality and experience that users could hope for.

The Onyx can be used hand’s free and can be used during solo or partnered us. Folks using two Onyx devices can take turns with who controls the ring contractions—creating a diverse and inclusive experience.

The Onyx is also rechargeable for further convenience and the internal sleeve can be removed for easier cleans.

Kiiroo_Eind visual_Male_Angled view NO LOGO

The Pearl

Originally called the ‘OPue’ I think we can all agree that ‘Pearl’ sounds better. The Pearl is an elegant vibrator with a slight curve that would be ideal for G-spot use.

When designing the Pearl Kiiroo actually turned to a trusted adult sex toy reviewer to get feedback and to help make changes where needed. I can’t begin to describe how awesome this is but, needless of say, it’s clear Kiiroo has got their shit together in a big way.

The Pearl is coated with smooth silicone and is phthalate-free and body-safe. The Pearl is also waterproof for an easier clean.

Inside the Pearl there are five haptic rings with collect touch data and send that data to any linked Onyx device. This means that, while the Pearl can’t yet receive data from another device, it can transfer it to an Onyx (or multiple Onyx devices).

I really adore the design and colour scheme of the Pearl and appreciate the fact that Kiiroo has made an active effort to make it pleasurable for beginners and veterans alike. The Pearl is set to sport a powerful motor so here’s hoping it delivers some strong vibrations.

Kiiroo_Website_End visual_Female_Side 1b NO LOGO

These three devices combined look set to provide a really great platform for anyone looking to engage in remote sexual interaction. I’m also thrilled to see effort on Kiiroo’s part to be inclusive (in both considering sexuality and polyamoury and potential use by cam girls). Kiiroo have even done an interview with Caitlin of concerning non-binary gender identities. How fab it that?

With a company that is so willing to engage and so eager to please it’s hard not to get excited about Kiiroo and its teledildonic advances.

So what do I think this all means for the future?

The Future of Interpersonal Connectivity

Something that’s really important to remember about Kiiroo is that it’s not hoping to replace or eradicate skin-on-skin intimacy. Instead Kiiroo is providing an alternative way for people to connect, which allows those who want or need a different way to be intimate to do so through the use of interpersonal technology.

Kiiroo is offering a new experience and, to my mind, it’s one that both intriguing and lacking in the adult product industry.

I’ll offer a personal case study as an example.

In my day-to-day (non sex toy reviewing) life I sometimes have to take trips to remote locations in order to get my work done. However because Mr. Peaches and I typically live together we tend to find these times apart incredibly frustrating—not just emotionally but sexually too.

We compensate as best we can by using toys, writing stories, and getting face-time with each other but (when it comes to us, at least) there’s a notable gap that we can’t quite bridge.

Enter Kiiroo.

I can only imagine how wonderful it would be; getting back from a hard day’s work, being able to put up Mr. Peaches on video chat and then pulling out a Pearl.

Chair 02a

Instantly the experience changes from remote improvisations to a direct connection between us. Using the Kiiroo platform allows for an instant connection—an exchange between devices that can be felt in real time.

If I was using the Pearl then I would know that I was sending my motions to Mr. Peaches and he would be able to feel it. Feedback could continually happen through the platforms video chat and, together, a new type of connection would be achieved.

I can only imagine how significant this could be for those in a long-distance relationship.

I have known friends who have been in such relationships and (while it’s clear that their romantic connection is as strong as any relationship) I often heard comments relating to intimacy. Obviously nothing beats being able to see each other and physically embrace, but Kiiroo is there to provide an additional type of remote connection that could greatly benefit so many couples. It’s a premise that warms my heart.

Beyond relationships Kiiroo also provides a way for Kiiroo owners to have thrilling remote encounters in their own home—without the risk of STDs, STIs, or pregnancy. Imagine being able to connect with anyone, anywhere over the net and sharing a sexual experience with them. The very concept boggles the mind (but, remember, safety is always a priority).

And then we have cam girls and similar adult entertainers. Suddenly there is an option available to connect further with your favourite perform in a way that is safe and secure for both of you. You feel them, they control the motions. It’s a new way to engage that allows for innovative dynamics of pleasure to develop.

I could go on and on about the potential of Kiiroo but, the truth is, we won’t know until we try it. And, with Kiiroo’s release coming in less than a month’s time, we don’t have long to wait now at all.

To the future, to Kiiroo!


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