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Lingerie set AsamiIncludes: bra, knickersColour: blackAvailable sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXLAsami set attracts the attention by an interesting and flirtatious look. It includes knickers and a bra made of black, elastic material which is pleasant to the touch and at the same time it perfectly fits to the body, sensuously and provocatively highlighting the shape of breast, hips and buttocks. Asami set is an elegant, but also a predatory proposal that draws the attention both by an original design and by details in the form of decorative strips made of red net, black metal additions. The bra fantastically fits the breast highlighting its shape, additionally drawing attention by red inserts made of soft net. Knickers with low waist sweetly highlight the hips and the shape of buttocks and red inserts stylistically match to the look of the bra. Elastic features of the material ensure that Asami set is very comfortable and fits perfectly to the body.


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