Autoblow 2 with A Size Mouth Sleeve

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Enjoy unlimited blowjobs on demand.

The crowdfunded blowjob robot everyone is talking about!

Your blowjob robot will work hard for you!


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Autoblow 2: a realistic robotic oral sex Stimulator for men

Autoblow 2 with A Size Mouth Sleeve With Free Delivery From Shop Naughty. The Autoblow is the ultimate toy that reaps rewards for minimal effort. This blowjob robot is powered up by a safe plug-in design so there’s no need for batteries. The Autoblow 2 is a crowdfunded initiative and it’s easy to see why this toy has quickly become a popular pick for guys who love oral intimacy. This blowjob robot simulates the real deal, with the added benefit of endless play. You’ll get over 500 hours of use from the Autoblow 2, and the all-metal motor ensures it’s always ready for repeat play. This toy is hygienic and the sleeves are easily cleaned with soapy water. This toy is hands free, and the speed and intensity of the stroking motion can be switched up easily. The reusable sleeves ensure that this stroker fits most sizes for comfortable play.

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The interchangeable sleeves can be easily cleaned using soapy water, or a toy cleaner.



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10 reviews for Autoblow 2 with A Size Mouth Sleeve

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    Has a high quality feel to it – motor noise is a little annoying but i’ll deal with it. At least it works and doesn’t stop when I put my penis inside. A little large to hold so I am looking forward to your release of the handle attachment soon.

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    I’m a prototype tester and they invited me here to leave my review. I’m a woman and the company offered this to me and my husband to test out. Most of our toys we owned before were for me, so I thought it would be a nice treat to finally have something for HIM LOL!!! I don’t know how much I can really write here uh you see I tied him to the bed and then used it on him i guess that’s enough. bye!

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    I was one of the original Autoblow customers and was sent an early sample of this product for testing. I should note that I did not pay for this product but the opinion I express here is my own. This product is much better than the original Autoblow. I found the original impossible to clean, and it broke easily. The sleeve on the new Autoblow makes cleaning very easy and they are not kidding when they say that this thing is built to last for 500 hours. You can really feel the quality when you hold it. The most important part – the feeling – I would give an A-. I don’t know if its because of my size (I’m on the smaller side) or not, but I felt it could have given me a tighter grip. I was still able to reach orgasm in about 10 minutes so I’m not complaining too much but I would like to see the product have the ability to get tighter in the future if the user wants. The downside is the sound it makes – it is not silent so if you need silence, go with another toy. But if you can deal with the motor sound, go for it.

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    The main positive point of this toy is that you don’t have to move something up and down. The Autoblow 2 does the jerking motion for you. My penis is average and the average sleeve worked well but I am curious what sensation I would feel if i got another sleeve. It is on the expensive side though.

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    Early reviewer here. My feedback to the company was to add texture to the MouthSleeve. Product feels good and should meet most of the expectations of most men – but interior sleeve texture should be your obvious next step. They told me they will release more MouthSleeve in the near future but I wish they would release more MouthSleeve at first.

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    This thing rocks. Stick into a real robot woman and TAKE MY MONEY. I’m in!

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    The good: fit me, didn’t stop when I used it, had an orgasm pretty quickly. I actually found a way to lay on my stomach so it was really hands free. The bad: motor makes noise so you can’t use it in silence.

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    I suffer from MS and they sent me one as a tester. I can’t use my hands well anymore so I can’t hold the other types of masturbators. This will change my solo sex life. Hope you guys can make the floor stand you mentioned soon. It really grips my entire shaft tightly and the stroke ends right at the tip. I am working on a wheelchair mount and can share the design with you guys if you want.

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    I didn’t realize that this toy needs to be plugged in to a power outlet when you use it until i got it. At least the cable is 9 feet long. But inconvenient – should be battery operated. Why in the world you didn’t make this battery operated, I don’t know.

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    Okay so I had really high hopes for this thing. Not quite what I expected, feels amazing at slow speeds. Very loud for an apartment, hold a pillow over the other end or yohu might get your neighbors exited, and not in the fun way(funny though if you don’t care) in serted my…hotdog into this device, not knowing what to expect… Feels real good at slow speeds, loud for an apartment though couldn’t cum at first then I decicided who cares and full speed ahead, and yess……kerblammn splat!

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