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Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast At The Lowest Price With Fast Discreet Free Delivery From Shop-Naughty.The Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast is designed as a sports massager and can also be used as a general wand massager. It is the world's most powerful mains operated wand massager.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy - Buy Adipex Phentermine

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Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast

Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast At The Lowest Price With Fast Discreet Free Delivery From Shop-Naughty.The Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast is designed as a sports massager and can also be used as a general wand massager. It is the world’s most powerful mains operated wand massager.

The Doxy Massager head delivers a strong vibration that will penetrate deep into the body. It is this function that allows the Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast to be so extraordinarily effective. The vibration is not a “buzzy” vibration often associated with some personal massagers. The deep “rumbly” vibration of the Doxy allows stimulation to carry into the body.

The body is made from a polished aluminium/titanium alloy manufactured at Cornwall foundry using a high pressure (550 tons) injection, cold chamber die casting machine. After casting, the body goes through a five stage polishing process that brings up the high lustre finish. The size is the same as the standard Doxy (so it will take the standard sized attachments). However it is heavier at 830 grams (680 grams not including the plug).

The head cover is smooth pure, easy to clean, medical grade silicone. The three large simple buttons are illumiated with blue LED lights so you can find them easily in the dark. The Die Cast has a variable escalating pulse setting (like the standard Doxy). It operates with any voltage so can be used safely anywhere in the world (with a suitable plug adaptor). Packaged in a custom-made zipped padded case for easy storage.

The Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast works very well when used alone. It is also a popular couple’s massager. The speed is controllable from the lowest setting of approximately 3000 RPM through to the highest setting of approximately 9000 RPM.  The Doxy Massager has an Aluminium head – it is this head that contains the secret to the unique feel of the Doxy Massager and its effectiveness. This metal head is heavier than most other massagers and the combination of the weight and the power of the motor that makes this the most powerful wand massager currently available

The Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand Die Cast is 35cm long and 7cm in diameter. It has a 3 metre long power cord and is designed and manufactured in the UK and is guaranteed against defects and breakdown for 12 months.

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