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Phentermine 2015 - Phentermine Online With Mastercard

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BRUNO is all about simplicity, power and sophistication. Through 6 variable pleasure settings, its elegant silicone form delivers its astonishing power exactly where the discerning man wants it most for bigger, better, longer and more intense orgasms including the much coveted hands free orgasm. It and rsquos charged via USB for convenience and 100 percent waterproof. Whether it and rsquos your first time or your thousandth, BRUNO offers a sexual experience of unrivalled pleasure.Ultra Powerful vibrations across 2 motors in the base and tip6 unique vibrating settings with easy to use controls Sleek design targets pleasure direct to the prostate100 percent waterproof and fully USB rechargeable for versatilitySuper smooth silicone glides naturally and feels incredible1 year warranty and 10 year pleasure guarantee

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg



5 to 6 inches


Built In




Hot soapy water and toy cleaner


4 Inches


6 Inches

For who





Lelo Brand


Rechargeable USB


6 Inches

Liquid volumn



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