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Buy Adipex In Stores - Buy Phentermine 2014

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Caress your partner with this delectable massage cream. Get close to your lover with this tasty treat and feel the softness of their skin against yours. Let the sexual tension rise and bring erotism to a peak!

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SKU: E27675

Buy Adipex In Stores - Buy Phentermine 2014

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Caress your partner with this delectable massage cream. Get close to your lover with this tasty treat and feel the softness of their skin against yours. Let the sexual tension rise and bring erotism to a peak!

– Exquisite taste
– Silky smooth, edible and moisturizing
– Slides on easily and is long-lasting
– Leaves the skin feeling fresh and non-greasy

This cream will leave the skin tasting delicious!

200 ml

Additional information

Weight 0.236 kg
Dimensions 0.075 × 0.045 × 0.185 cm


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