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Best Site To Buy Phentermine Online, Ordering Phentermine Online Illegal

Zolo The Girlfriend Cup Cerise Masturbators Only £9.99 At .Zolo The Girlfriend Cup Cerise. The Zolo range gives a fresh and funky look to one of the oldest activities known to man! There are seven Zolo Cups, each with a shaped, nodule inner chamber for the most intense stimulation


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Zolo Male Masturbators

Zolo The Girlfriend Cup Cerise Masturbators Only £9.99 At .Zolo The Girlfriend Cup Cerise. The Zolo range gives a fresh and funky look to one of the oldest activities known to man! There are seven Zolo Cups, each with a shaped, nodule inner chamber for the most intense stimulation:

Design Features:

Zolo Cups feature an ergonomically designed outer case that contours to the hand for a better controlled grip.

Zolo Cups? proprietary, real-feel material is soft and warms to the touch for unique sensations that are even better than the real thing.

Some like it tight, others like it loose. Whatever suction you want, Zolo?s air control feature adjusts for your desired tightness.

Dispatched Within 24hrs. UK Delivery 1 – 2 days. Europe 2 – 5 Days. US / Canada. 3 – 6 Days. All products are shipped discreetly in a brown box with absolutely no indication as to the contents. Tracking information will be available via your account.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

1 review for Zolo The Girlfriend Cup Cerise Masturbators

  1. sextoy

    bought this for the times when I was inbetween and its works well. For the money its worth it and you can throw it out in a month or two and buy another one if your single.

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